Aug 062010

This week was fun and full of challenges. Our biggest challenge of the week was the weather on Wednesday. As we were setting up for our weekly demonstration, the sky darkened, and we watched as the massive thunder clouds moved over the canyons ski resort towards the Farmers’ Market. The massive lightning strikes and loud rolling thunder was beautiful. We were forced to seek refuge in our van for about 30 minutes, got to love the quick storms of Utah, we didn’t think it would be a good idea to hang around under a metal framed tent to wait it out. After the short stint in the van we were able to move forward with the demo. This week we made a summer Ratatouille served in a cup made of Parmesan cheese. We were very fortunate to get beautiful squash and zucchini from George Clovis (I am not sure of the spelling of his last name, however he told be no one knows his last name anyway) white and purple heirloom eggplant as well as beautiful basil from Chad’s produce, and a luscious heirloom tomato from Ranui Farms (it weighed nearly 2 pounds!). Wow, those flavors really went great together. And if you do not believe me ask one of 75 people lucky enough to sample the dish.
We will post a recipe for the “Summer Ratatouille” shortly, and look forward to seeing you at the market next week.