Apr 112011

Spring seems to finally be upon us. And getting here has been a wild ride this year.
We began a very busy season in December. With both private and corporate holiday parties thru the New Year we were booked solid. Both new and repeat clients filled our calendar and we were determined to make EVERYONE happy. I think we did. January 2011 was a bit of a letdown with the amount of business we had in comparison to January 2010, however this may have been a blessing in disguise. On January 14th Savoury Kitchen’s Chef de Cuisine moved on to other endeavors. I made a conscious decision to take the rains in the kitchen and spend 90% of my time cooking and creating. The local chef community rallied around me and backed me up thru the Sundance Film Festival and we ended the month on a really high note. We catered to the Sundance Music Lounge and Late Night Lounge, we sanitized all Brita water pitchers that helped keep all Sundancers hydrated. We also provided treats to the VIP room in the Fender Music Lounge. Best of all we had a lot of private events thru that 10 day period. After the completion of Sundance and the month of January we usually look forward to some downtime….. That was not the case this year. February started out strong and never let up. We finished the month with over 40 events in 28 days! The month was filled with families on vacation, intimate dinners, lunch buffets, and a lot of chef prepared breakfasts. March was a whole different animal. We catered an event for Outside Television and we had the opportunity to have a small spot in one of the television ads. We also had the pleasure of catering a wine dinner with a small boutique winery from Napa Valley here in Park City the winery is Gargiulo and their wines were very nice. Now it is April, we have already catered a dinner for Sports Illustrated. That was a NCAA finals party and they definitely know how to treat their staff and clients. We have also had a handful of repeat client dinners. Now less than a week away from the closing of the resorts it is time to sit back, plan, and get ready for a busy summer season.
Thank you all for a Fantastic 2010-2011 season in Park City
Joseph Saladyga
Chef/ Owner
Savoury Kitchen, Park City