Sep 152010

Greetings all,
Fall is officially here in Park City, the leaves are changing quickly, the nights are cool, and the days are beautiful. Savoury Kitchen has just returned from Kemmerer WY plating 175 salads, entrees, and desserts for the Senator and guests. And we did so in about 1 hour! With a staff of 23 having a strong attention to detail I believe we made all 175 guests extremely happy. Curious what they had? Well here is the menu;
~Cocktail Hour Appetizers~

Ham & Biscuits
virginia ham, swiss cheese, relish, aioli, mustard

Charcuterie & Cheese Selection
local & imported cheeses, cured meats & sausage, house pickles, house dried fruits,
& toast points

Camembert Cheese & Grape Salad
shallot dressing, toast point

~Sit Down Dinner~

Spinach Caesar Salad
white anchovy dressing, house croutons, shaved parmesan

Entrée Duet
Standing Rib Roast & Seared Rainbow Trout
Pan seared baby carrots, roasted baby red potatoes, smoked tomato dressing

Vegetarian Option
Stuffed Grilled Eggplant
squash, zucchini, bell peppers, house marinara, shaved parmesan

Sweet Bread Pudding
vanilla crème an glace, house dried melon slice

Now we are packing up to head over to the Park City Farmers’ Market @ the Canyons Resort to prepare Fall Squash Hush Puppies. Come on by for a sample and some instruction if you would like. We hope to see y’all there.