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When I started Savoury Kitchen I made a pact to reduce our environmental impact in every way I could. I adopted a recycling system that would suit the heavy load a catering company produces and also started a compost system for all our non-meat food scrap and compost-able service-ware, utilizing a chipping and grinding system that speeds the decomposition process, more suited to the short growing season we have here in Park City.

Swaner Eco Preserve

I believe that purchasing local and seasonal products and preserving and processing them in my own kitchen instead of buying pre-made product reduces our carbon footprint as well. As we grow, we are finding new ways to be greener. Converting our existing vehicles to natural gas or biodiesel, using our compost to generate heat and hot water and growing our own herbs are just a few of the plans we have for the near future. - Joseph Saladyga